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Sr. No.Achievements of ICMR-RMRC
1 Diagnostics of JE/AES and Scrub Typhus & development of the diagnostic algorithm.  
2 JE sero-surveillance and vaccine efficacy studies/analysis of the host genetic markers associated with Japanese Encephalitis  
3  AES Cell in BRD Medical College for early diagnosis & prompt treatment
4  Apex Referral Centre for JE/AES and Sentinel Surveillance Centre for Dengue and Chikungunya
5  Scrub Typhus identified as major cause for AES in this region and emphasized the role of empirical antibiotics
6  White Paper: Recommended Strategies for prevention and control of AES
7  Partner in National TB Prevalence and COVID-19 sero-survey
8  Established Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) with 1.2 lakh population of 28 villages
9  COVID-19 Diagnosis and Research : 9 lakh tests & W4 sero-surveys
10  Also worked on COVID-19 awareness and helped in removing vaccine hesitancy
11  Trained over 500 Health Personnel (Medical Officers, Lab Tech and other Health Professionals)
12  Established a field station in Keylong,Lahaul & Spiti, HP at around 11,000 ft above sea level to study health profile of the tribal population in the district
13  Studies on Hepatitis, Anemia, reproductive tract infections, Hypertension & Health seeking behaviour at Keylong


Sr. No.Major Acievements
1 Tackling Japanese Encephalitis (JE) - Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES)                                 2         National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey  


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